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Tamura Corporation
Tamura Corporation, the headquarters of the Group in Japan, has come a long way since its inception in 1924. The core business then was simply selling radios.

It has now developed into a global company supplying materials, chemicals, components, products and equipment demanded by the world electronics markets.

Its affiliated companies are throughout Japan, the Far East, USA, South America, and Europe.

Company Profile

Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Tamura Corporation in Japan, located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Established in 1972, it has achieved remarkable growth and is now a leading manufacturer and exporter in the ASEAN region for ferrite and lamination transformers, power supply, adaptors and other printed circuit board assembly.

We have acquired well recognized and esteemed ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certification. Meanwhile customers are assured our products and services have met internationals standard and requirements.

President Message

The Making of "Only One Tamura."From the foundation of Tamura Corporation in 1924 to this present day and age in which we find ourselves expanding our operations into evermore global fields, the mission of our group has not changed. We will always strive "to contribute to society by producing excellent products." Now, as part of our ongoing endeavor, our entire group will embark on a new venture-the challenge of building a new, more appealing Tamura bonded in unison as "only one company."

Innovative technology makes life for people around the globe more convenient and enjoyable. The world is continually pursing newer and more refined technology. Positioned in the heart of the electronics industry, which is undergoing such tremendous progression, the Tamura Group will do what only we can to meet the world's cry for next-generation technology. To that end our entire group is utilizing its combined years of experience and knowledge, working together as one body to continue numerous endeavors that foster creativity, refine development and increase cutting-edge technological capabilities.

Whenever the world hails the advent of a new product or system, whenever a revolutionary technology, material or component is introduced in the electronics industry, Tamura is there. Expect great things from the Tamura Group in the future, as we assume our new identity as "only one company," helping to preserve the world's environment while supporting society's information revolution.

Group Mission

To keep abreast with the growing demand in technology innovation accompanying globalization, computerization and environmental harmonization, Tamura Malaysia strives to provide unique and optimum solutions to its customers under its group banner of "Only One Company".

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Company Vision

Our vision is to continually expand our market and strengthen our current position in this region as a market leader by meeting our customers' expectation through quality products, competitive pricing, timely delivery and services.

Manufacturing Facility

Currently, Tamura Malaysia supplies over 50 million pieces of products annually worldwide, both directly and through our marketing network in Europe, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Our workforce, semi-automated/automated lines and testing equipment employed by the Company is capable of producing the volume and standard required by our customers.

Other support comes from our network based in Indonesia, Myanmar and China.


Tamura Malaysia designs and offers standard industry products which satisfy almost all application requirements, including ferrite, lamination transformers, pulse transformers, inverters, inductors, coils, electronics ballast, adaptors and printed circuit board assembly for the switching power supply, electronics, computer, industrial, and telecommunications markets.

Among the products offered are as follows:

  • Linear Power Transformers
  • Switch Mode Power Transformers
  • Telecommunication Transformers
  • Miniature Pulse Transformers
  • Industrial Transformers

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Product Application

  • Audio / Video
  • CTV
  • Telecommunication
  • Air Conditioning
  • Industrial
AC/DC Adaptor:
  • Minidisc
  • Mobile Phone
  • Digital Camera
Switching Power Supply:
  • High-end Color Printer
  • DVD Player

Customer Design & Optimum Solution

Our team of experienced design engineers customise-design products to meet customers' specific requirements. Samples are however first made to ensure that such requirements are met.

Our R&D team, located in the Southern part of Malaysia, is also available to serve our customers. Global support in extensive research and development is readily available from UK, USA or Japan.

Engineering assistance is also available to help customers to achieve its optimum circuit performance and cost effectiveness.

Quality Standards

At Tamura, we are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction by delivering the products and services that meet customers' requirements. Our quality system is certified to ISO 9002.

ISO 9002

Our products adhere to strict safety regulations to meet customer specifications, thus ensuring regulatory compliance with international safety requirements such as UL, CSA, JIS, CE, IEC.


Safety Standards

Tamura takes a serious view of the importance of safety for all its designs which is why it has a dedicated Safety Liaison Officer involved at all stages of the design and development process, acting as the consultant and the interface between its team of designers, third party test houses and you the customer, to ensure full compliance with today's stringent safety approvals.

Environmental Policy

Tamura Malaysia is an ISO14001-certified company and pledges to continually strive to promote environmental harmony in all aspects of its operation through efficient environmental management system.

ISO 14000

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